The existence of medicine shows its prehistoric antiquity. The knowledge regarding medicinal value of plants has been collected in a course of several centuries. The acceptability of alternatives medicine particularly the herbal medicine has now become a critical need of time. The department deals with fundamental of Dravyaguna (Ayurvedic Pharmacology) so that one can understand the action of various drugs properly. It is the time when Ayurvedic concept should be proved on modern parameters. Dravya means “substance” or “material” and guna means “quality”. In Ayurvedic medicine, “dravya-guna” is the study of herbal medicine via the specific qualities of each herb. Based on these qualities, Ayurveda classifies herbs according to four categories and is being dealt with these terms- Rasa (taste), Guna (Properties), Virya (active principles), Vipak (Biotransformation) and Prabhav (Specific action).